• ChinaNetCloud Presents:

    Our Core Values

  • A lot can change in 8 years

    We've come a long way since our founding in 2008.

    We have built the world’s top Internet operations company, with capabilities far beyond what others can do, in China or around the world. Our years of sometimes painful experience have taught us much and prepared us for an amazing future in helping the Internet world.


    More recently, we received a $9M investment to hire new people, build new technology, expand our offices, and generally look towards building the future for you, for us, and for the customers.


    Our core values are a key part of all this, as they are the most important ideas we think about. These are the things that are important to the founders, and to all of us. They also help guide our daily work, especially how we make decisions every day, even when under stress or faced with difficult choices. Values guide us to do the right thing, all the time.


    We recently updated these values to reflect our evolving thinking and to help guide you and the larger team in daily life and work decisions. And thus we want to share the things that make ChinaNetCloud great with you and the world.

  • Customers First

    Always do what’s right for the customer, always

    Customers are the heart of our company and our focus, for without them we simply would not exist, nor would we have any purpose at all. We always do what is right and good for the customer, even if it is not good for us; in fact, we must especially do it for them when it’s bad for us.

    • Sales always helps customers save costs, including reducing our fees by selling what the customer needs, never more.  We never oversell.
    • Engineers and Operations always do what’s right for the system and customer, even if the customer wants to do the wrong things.
    • Teams help customers as much as possible, even when tired, working overtime, going off shift, or with something we don't normally do.
    • Always put the customer ahead of the company or the team.
  • Communication

    Over-communicate, all the time

    Communicating is the lifeblood of a company, a team, and a service. No one knows what you are doing, thinking, or planning unless you tell them. This is especially true for our customers who we are not here in person, are often under great pressure, or want to know what we are doing. Communicate much more than you think you should, about everything. And the more urgent, stressful, or important the situation, the more you should communicate.

    • Always listen first to understand the customer’s needs and thinking.
    • Always tell customers and the team what you are doing, what to expect from you, and by when.
    • Always update customers and team members when things change, especially timeframes.
    • In emergencies, tell the team what you are doing, thinking, and planning.
    • Speak up when you see problems, improvements, and opportunities.
  • Teamwork

    Play as a team, every time

    Running Internet Servers and supporting our customers is a team sport, which means we need to work hard to work together on our own team, and along with teams of teams. This is not easy, as even a single team means a lot more communication, coordination, and effort, and teams of teams take even more to ensure everyone is doing the right thing all the time, 7x24. But thinking about your teammates, the other teams, and of course the customer will greatly ease everyone’s efforts, make life easier, and lead to everyone’s success.

    • Think about how you can support your team.
    • Think about how your team can support other teams.
    • Always think about teammates needs, especially for communication and coordination.
    • Always put the team ahead of the individual.
    • Help new employees join the team and learn our ways.
  • Family & Friends

    Always treat each other like family & friends

    We are a company, but also family and friends. We work hard together for long and sometimes stressful hours to support each other and our customers. We need to be close, to like, and support each other as best we can, especially when things are difficult, personally, professionally, and otherwise.

    • Treat everyone with respect, as you would your friends & family
    • Listen to others’ opinions and ideas, provide positive feedback
    • Help each other as much as you can, personally and professionally
    • Help more junior team members develop
  • Improvement

    Always be improving everything

    Our job is to run the world's Internet systems, for billions of people around the world. That’s a huge responsibility and really difficult to do at scale. So we must continuously improve everything we do, every day.

    • Look everywhere for improvements and ideas, don’t be afraid to make suggestions!
    • Continuously think of how you and we can improve your job, tools, processes and training
    • Look at other companies, industries, and areas for innovative ideas
    • Think how we add more customer value, faster, cheaper, better
    • Think about what it means to be perfect or the best in the world, and see how close we can get in a practical and balanced manner
  • Always Learning

    Always be learning new things

    We are a learning organization, partly because we must continuously improve but also because what we do is very difficult and always requires new ideas, innovations, tools, and technology to service our customers.

    • Be curious about new technologies, tools, and techniques
    • Be interested in learning new things
    • Actively seek new knowledge by self-studying sites, blogs, and books
    • Learn at least one new major thing each month
    • Take advantage of unlimited book budgets - read!
    • Find external courses or materials and ask for company support
    • Every employee in every role should proactively learn new things
  • Procedures

    Follow procedures, all the time

    We are a procedure-driven company; there is no way around this. Our world and our work require the precise application of tools, technology, and training to do all the things necessary to run the Internet world. While we need to be innovative, flexible, and reasonable, we must also follow the processes and procedures set out for us. There are good reasons for, and usually painful lessons learned in every procedure we have. Our job is to make them all easier, faster, and simpler to execute on ever-larger and more complex or diverse systems.

    • Always understand the context, history, and environment you are working in
    • Find and follow the right procedures for the task at hand
    • Report problems, mistakes, and issues with any procedure, any time
  • Conclusion

    In the end, these are the things that are important to us. We need and want to live by them every day. But we understand they are not for everyone, nor does everyone want or need to live and work the way we do. However if you live and work here, these are the values you need to comprehend and uphold, every day. They will help the customers, help you, and help us all succeed together.

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